Small group In-person activities  and Large group in-person activities will be offered by arrangement.


In addition to <a href="/node/31">classes and workshops</a>, the Craft Center offers a wide variety of events throughout the year and is open to creating new collaborative events with your group!&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Interested in arranging an arts or crafts activity for your group or event? &gt;&gt;please complete the Special Event Request form (select quick link below)</p>

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Here are some of the groups and departments we partnered with this past Spring

Mar. 30- Zine event for SAAM

 Apr. 1- HSRC craft event

Apr. 9 - Out of the Darkness rock Ptg. event

 Apr. 12 - Cambodian Student Assoc. New Year craft event

Apr. 16- Craft-n-care Beyond Earth Day community crafting event

Apr. 20 - Science Success group craft event

Apr. 26 - denim day  Zine and craft event

Apr. 28 - In Memoriam,  open event, SEC plaza, 5: 30- 7 craft activity

Apr. 29- Lonesome Pottery Sale, MU trysting tree Lounge 10-3, open event

Apr. 30 - Spring Family Weekend Tees & Spin art- Open event in MU Quad, 11-2

May 12- Greek Council  - team bonding

May 12 - Pride Center - Earth Bombs

May 13- KBVR team screen printing event

May 19 - Gamma Alpha Sorority team building event

May 22- BIPOC painting, led event

May 26 - Ocean 11 Marine Club group event

June 3 - Bring your Kid to campus outdoor arts event- MU Quad 1: 30-3:30> open event for OSU Parents/Guardians & Children

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