Limited small group In-person activities will be offered by arrangement.

Large group in-person activities will resume in Fall.

In addition to classes and workshops, the Craft Center offers a wide variety of events throughout the year and is open to creating new collaborative events with your group!     Interested in arranging an arts or crafts activity for your group or event? >>please complete the Special Event Request form (select quick link below)

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Here are some of the groups and departments we partnered with this past Spring

Mar. 30- Zine event for SAAM

 Apr. 1- HSRC craft event

Apr. 9 - Out of the Darkness rock Ptg. event

 Apr. 12 - Cambodian Student Assoc. New Year craft event

Apr. 16- Craft-n-care Beyond Earth Day community crafting event

Apr. 20 - Science Success group craft event

Apr. 26 - denim day  Zine and craft event

Apr. 28 - In Memoriam,  open event, SEC plaza, 5: 30- 7 craft activity

Apr. 29- Lonesome Pottery Sale, MU trysting tree Lounge 10-3, open event

Apr. 30 - Spring Family Weekend Tees & Spin art- Open event in MU Quad, 11-2

May 12- Greek Council  - team bonding

May 12 - Pride Center - Earth Bombs

May 13- KBVR team screen printing event

May 19 - Gamma Alpha Sorority team building event

May 22- BIPOC painting, led event

May 26 - Ocean 11 Marine Club group event

June 3 - Bring your Kid to campus outdoor arts event- MU Quad 1: 30-3:30> open event for OSU Parents/Guardians & Children

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