Large group In-person activities are currently on hold in response to COVID-19.

Our spaces are open to OSU Student members for individual or small 3-4 person use.

Please visit our remote activities webpage for other opportunities.

We believe in the power of art to manage/reduce stress and for well-being. While we will be bringing back this activity as conditions allow, presently we are offering a variety of crafts to work with on-sight, staying within established capacity numbers set for a given studio area on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Chat with our friendly Front Desk Staff to find out what's available.

Lower your stress while you create something beautiful; adult coloring is trending and super relaxing!  Hand-color a Mandala design or create your own with colored pencils & markers.

Hang out with other students in a low-stress environment while making sculptures using found objects like: copper wire, rocks, and reclaimed machine parts.

Come explore art as an avenue of stress relief & stress management. Take a creative break! 

Join our campaign to spread a little art & good cheer around campus. Paint rocks with affirmative words or images. Supplies provided.

Come and relax in the craft center while exploring the ancient craft of origami! We also have books on folding paper airplanes, for those with more aerodynamic tendencies. We also have felting supplies to make cool little sculptures or critters. The process is very cathartic.