Prior to using the Craft Center, please review the general policies below and the specific policies for the studios you wish to utilize.

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Membership is required to use the studios. We count on all members to help keep the studios clean, tidy & safe. Please take the time to clean your space & equipment after use. If you are aware of broken, dangerous or missing equipment, please report it to the Craft Center Front Desk Staff. Orientations are required each term for all studio area use. Orientations are scheduled the first two weeks into each term; pre-registration is preferred. Orientations requested after scheduled times will be by arrangement, when we are able to accommodate, and will not be offered beyond the 5th week into the term.

Members will respect the Center’s hours of operation by concluding work, returning all tools and leaving a clean work area by closing time. To help ensure safe practices in the woodworking studio, we have new safety requirements for shop use. For more details go to the woodworking page. A more detailed listing of policies is available at the Front Desk.

General Policies

The Craft Center is an Adult facility and student membership organization. Applicants must be 18+ years of age, or be enrolled as Oregon State University students.

Those wishing to be members & participate in a Craft Center class or workshop must meet the above age requirements; younger applicants 16+ years of age, will be considered if they meet our underage criteria, have guardian permission and permission by the instructor (craft center staff will contact the instructor for permission. Note, due to equipment or materials hazard, some classes will be closed to minors.)

Full refunds are given through the Thursday before the first class only; after which, all fees are non-refundable. 

The Craft Center may cancel a class with insufficient enrollment. You will be notified if a cancelation occurs. If your class is canceled, you have the option of retaining your non-fee paying membership or having the fee refunded along with full class refund; however, you must turn in your membership card in order to get a full refund.

  • Clay Combination Locker: $15
  • Combination Locker: $20
  • Small Wood Bin: $10
  • Large Wood Bin: $15
  • Glass Bin: $5

The Craft Center is not responsible for theft, loss and/or damage to locker contents. Please renew locker rental and membership on or before 5pm of the last day of finals week. All items left in expired lockers are considered abandoned; personal items will be stored for one term only and will require a $5 retrieval fee. After one term, the contents become the property of the Craft Center and will not be available.

All clay left in lockers after the end of the term will be recycled.

The Craft Center provides access to tools and equipment that may cause personal bodily injury. To reduce the danger and possibility of injury, the Craft Center requires all members to attend an orientation for the studio they plan to use. These orientations are mandatory and free to Craft Center Members and are intended for experienced members. In addition, the Craft Center offers classes with instruction in techniques, materials and proper use of tool and equipment The Craft Center does not provide insurance to its users. Members must accept full responsibility for their actions, including reimbursing others for damages to them or their property. Members are responsible to replace tools or equipment damaged by their misuse. Memberships may be revoked with no refund for dangerous actions or inappropriate conduct. The Craft Center works to keep all its equipment in good and safe working condition. If you see any dangerous situations or damaged equipment, please report them to the Craft Center Desk Staff immediately. The Craft Center is not responsible for members personal tools, materials or projects left out in the studios.

Some studios require that members sign a User Agreement Form each term. Use of the Wood Studio requires additional safety related steps.

Wood Studio Policies

The craft center is a membership based program serving the OSU student population. Students may use the center during our open hours. Some studios may be occasionally reserved for groups. During class times, its specific studio is reserved for the class attendees. We strive to always have some spaces and activities open to students at all times.

Our instructors come to us with years of experience and practical knowledge. As such, instructors have the authority to assess the ability of member equipment operation, and if they deem them to be a safety hazard to themselves or others, administration has the right to restrict or revoke facilities use or membership.

The Craft Center program and studios are designed for use by amateur hobbyists; production work for the purpose of commercial enterprises are not compatible with our mission. Members working in this capacity may be asked to seek other venues.

In order to assure quality control, all clay must be purchased from the Craft Center so that we know what is going in the kilns and can fire it accordingly.