Student Members remember to Swipe-In with your OSU ID Card with every visit @ the Craft Center Front Desk.


FIRST:  Completed an annual Craft Center Membership.  Memberships are good from Fall term through Summer.

Note: There are 6 main Studio Areas that require an Orientation for Open Studio use:

Ceramics  Glass Metals/Jewelry  Screenprinting  Sewing  Woodworking


Studio Orientation will acclimate you to the space and how the studio functions. These are meant for students with some prior experience working in a given medium and studio - otherwise we welcome you to sign up for a class or come in during one of our Tech Times. A schedule of Orientations will be available from our Front Desk. Orientations are also available during our Tech Times.
These studios also require Studio specific USER AGREEMENTS to be completed every academic new year. Studio have QR codes for quick link to complete. 
We will stamp your member card when completed and you will bring  and submit your member card to Our front desk to check-out tools and equipment.
Arts Engagement that do not require an Orientation: We  have open space, big tables to spread out, lots of art & craft supplies and tools, free self-guided craft kits to explore & play with that do not require an Orientation.

Please note: Our center and studios are not meant for mass production or creating products for resale. We are for the amateur hobbyist to learn, develop, collaborate and explore new artistic possibilities.

Studio Hours where a staff member is present to lend a hand:

Woodshop Tech Hours:

Check Wood studio white board for updated hours.

A new SAW is required for new academic year 2022-23 for machine use.

Want to learn some basics or some not so basic techniques? Our Wood Techs - Noah & Larry are the ones to help you! Come in during Tech hours and you can receive some guidance on safe studio practices and simple projects. Winter tech hours to be are times on Mondays and Fridays.

Clay Tech Hours:

Times listed on studio white board with Niko

Times listed on studio white board with Emmie

Have questions? Need a little help with a technique or skill? Stop in during our Clay Tech hours.

Our white board in the studio will post studio updates. 

Here are some Throwing on the Wheel videos a good starting point for beginners

Glass Tech Hours:

TBA with Aspen

TBA with Selin

Need a hand getting started with either Stained or Fused Glass? Or do you just need an orientation to the studio? Meet up with Aspen or Selin during Glass Tech hours!

Screenprinting Tech Hours:

TBA with Donovan

Already know your way around screenprinting but need an orientation to our studio? Or do you just need some guidance? Donovan can help during Screenprinting Tech hours.


1. WOOD ORIENTATION required in order to use the wood studio - available any time during our Tech Hours and by special arrangement.

2. SAFETY ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP> SAW required in order to gain use of the large woodshop equipment, you must first pass a SAW. These are conducted by arrangement with our Wood Tech, (schedule available at Front Desk)

3. $20 Lab Fee> Use of large equipment requires a $20 lab fee each term, due at time of being cleared for a level 2 or higher use after completion of a  SAW. These fees cover the sharpening and replacement of blades, etc.

If your level of experience is above beginner but not at the level where you are comfortable taking a SAW, the access you will have is to hand tools (available for check out at the front desk) unless working during a Tech Time with guidance from a Wood Tech. 

If you are a total novice but you are interested in using the studio and learning, we recommend you take a class or workshop, where you will gain a good foundation to woodworking and safe big equipment operation.