Using the Glass Studios

Stained and Fused Glass

The stained and fused glass studio is open for student member use. In it you will find what you need for both stained and fused glass. 

To get started in the glass studio, you will want to first become a member, then get an orientation in-person with one of our glass techs, and sign the glass studio user agreement.

Orientations will show you how to use the studio, but won't teach you how to do either stained or fused glass. Stained glass is a process. It's great, but there are a number of steps involved. We suggest you take a class, or if you are unable to you can start with these videos and pop in during tech times to get a hand.

Glass Torch

Torchwork is BACK!

Right now the studio is only able to be used for classes. If that changes in the future we will post an update both here and on Instagram. 

A bit about the studio though:

We have the ability to use both soft glass and boro in the studio. There are 7 spots for torches, several annealing kilns, and some tables for working on your glass pieces after they are out of the kilns. It's cozy, but really a great studio. Check out the classes at the beginning of each term!

Glass Studio Policies

We've compiled some videos to get you started: