Using the Metals/Jewelry Studio

To use the studio independently, there are 3 levels of access. All levels require that you take an Orientation with the Jewelry Tech (available from the front desk), have a current Craft Center membership, and sign a Metals/Jewelry user agreement form. If you come in during Tech Time, the jewelry tech can not only work with you on your metal-smithing needs, but also evaluate what level you are at. 

  1. Metals Basic: you can check out a jewelry kit to use.
  2. Metals 2: you can also check out some of the specialized tools/equipment from the red cart.
  3. Metals 3: you have reached the Torch Level! You will need to have a buddy with you when you use it, just in case. But that buddy doesn't need to be jewelry trained, just be present with you.

Metals/Jewelry Policies