Using the Metals/Jewelry Studio

To use the studio independently, there are 3 levels of access. All levels require that you take an orientation with the Jewelry Tech (available from the front desk), have a current Craft Center membership, and sign a Metals/Jewelry user agreement form. If you come in during Tech Time, the jewelry tech can not only work with you on your metalsmithing needs, but also evaluate what level you are at. 

  1. Metals Basic: you can check out a jewelry kit to use.
  2. Metals 2: you can also check out some of the specialized tools/equipment from the red cart.
  3. Metals 3: you have reached the Torch Level! You will need to have a buddy with you when you use it, just in case. But that buddy doesn't need to be jewelry trained, just be present with you.


Metals/Jewelry Agreement Form  Metals/Jewelry Policies