Using the Print Studio

The OSU Craft Center has available for student member use: Manual screen printing press, etching press, light box, screens to rent/buy, screenprinting tools, ink and emulsion to purchase

To use the screenprinting studio, you will need to be a Craft Center member, fill out the screenprinting agreement form, and have had an orientaiton from our tech during their Tech Time (time available at the front desk). 

Screenprinting is a process. It seems very simple, but there is quite a bit to getting the screen ready and then the actual printing. We recommend that you take a screenprinting class. 

There are also numerous screenprinting videos available online (links coming soon!). 

The screenprinting tech is available to lend a hand here and there during their tech times, but you will want to be familiar with the process first.



Print Studio Agreement Form Print Studio Policies