Screenprinting Studio Policies

  • An Orientation is required to use Screen Printing Studio, see Front desk or Screen Printing Tech for details
  • An Orientation is required to use Printmaking Press, by arrangement see Front Desk for details.
  • Members will clean up after themselves, this means; wiping work areas and the sink, carefully putting any screens away, not allowing emulsion to drip on any other screens, returning the press blankets and any tools to the front desk.
  • Water-based screen printing ink only, no oil or plastisol inks.
  • The sink in the washout room is for materials cleanup, please do not use the double sink for ink/paint cleanup.
  • Begin cleaning up 15 minutes BEFORE the Craft Center closes to ensure you will be finished by closing. 
  • Please do not handle others’ work.
  • Please be respectful of others and their personal space.
  • Please do not discuss inappropriate topics or use profanity while in the studio.
  • Be respectful of printmaking and sewing classes using the space, this means: clean & vacate scheduled class area 15 minutes prior to the class start time.
  • Avoid getting the press blankets dirty, and make sure to return them to the front desk when finished with them. They are wool, and difficult to clean.
  • Promptly clean up any emulsion from the floor/tables/sink/etc. Once it dries, it is like cement.
  • No solvent based products permitted in studio. The printmaking studio does not have specialized ventilation, do not use turpenoid, turpentine, or other dangerous solvents in that area.
  • Memberships and lockers should be renewed before the end of each term, or removal of the locker contents, with the understanding that the lockers will be cleaned out over break.
  • Attend an orientation about the studio at the beginning of each term, or participate in a class.
  • Report any mechanical issues or trouble to the cc staff.
  • Do not put anything through the press that could damage it.


ScreenPrinting User Agreement