Sewing Studio Policies

  • Members clean up after themselves, leaving all surfaces clean.
  • Begin cleaning up 15 minutes BEFORE the Craft Center closes to ensure you will be finished by closing. 
  • Return all sewing kits and tools to the front desk.
  • Use of Sewing Machines requires an Orientation 
  • Be respectful of others and their personal space.
  • Do not discuss inappropriate topics or use profanity while in the studio.
  • Do not sew leather on CC sewing machines.
  • Notify CC staff or the sewing instructor of any issues with any of the machines.
  • Use care when sewing to not run over pins.
  • Treat the equipment with care, respecting that it is a shared space and resource.
  • Do not cut anything other than fabric with the CC sewing shears.
  • Renew membership and locker before the end of each term or remove the locker contents, with the understanding that the lockers will be cleaned out over break.


Sewing User Agreement