Woodworking Studio Policies

Knowledge and understanding of the rules and procedures defined in the Woodshop Safety Manual is the member’s responsibility. CC Manager & Woodshop Supervisors hold all rights to change and/or modify at any time or for any specific situation. Woodshop Staff and personnel are available to help and supply any additional information, Just Ask! However, this help is not a substitute for proper training & experience needed by members. The Craft Center offers classes with instruction in techniques, materials, and proper use of tools and equipment.

The Craft Center provides access to tools and equipment that may cause personal bodily injury.


Safety Assessment

To reduce the danger and possibility of injury, the Craft Center requires all members not enrolled in a woodworking class, wishing to use the large equipment in the Wood Studio to attend and pass a Safety Assessment Workshop (SAW).

  • Safety Assessment Workshops are mandatory and are valid for the current academic year with continuous membership.
  • These Assessments are free to Craft Center Members and are intended for experienced members only.
  • Large equipment requiring passing a SAW includes a miter saw, table saws, drill press, planer, band saws, router, and lathe.
  • Members wishing to use small hand-held power tools, like a jigsaw or palm sander, are not required to pass a SAW but must attend an orientation. Orientations are available during the first 30 minutes of a SAW, or during the Wood Tech hours.
  • SAWs will only be scheduled through Week 5 of any given term. 


Annual Requirements

  1. Attend a Wood Studio Orientation
  2. Complete the Wood Studio USER Agreement
  3. Read the Safety Manual
  4. Watch the Safety Video

Members must complete steps 1 -4 once per academic year. 

Safety Manual     Safety Video



The Craft Center does not provide insurance to its users. Members must accept full responsibility for their actions, including reimbursing others for damages to them or their property. Members are responsible for replacing tools or equipment damaged by their misuse. Memberships may be revoked with no refund for dangerous actions or inappropriate conduct. The Craft Center works to keep all its equipment in good and safe working condition. If you see any dangerous situations or damaged equipment, please report them to the Craft Center Desk Staff immediately. The Craft Center is not responsible for members' personal tools, materials, or projects left out in the studios.


Required Agreements

  • Watch the safety video, attend a wood studio Orientation, complete the wood studio USER Agreement, attend a SAW, and understand all safety rules and procedures. Members recognize that they are responsible for their own safety.
  • Understand their responsibility to wear safety glasses at all times while in the Woodshop, and to wear/use other protection equipment as appropriate.
  • Agree to be focused on their task whenever operating tools and machinery and not to distract others. Horseplay will not be tolerated.
  •  Agree to refrain from operating machines and tools if under the influence of any substance or condition that impairs safe use.
  • Abide by rules defined and implied by the Woodshop Manual and Woodshop Personnel.
  • Have an understanding of all stationary and hand tools in safety and operation. Understand that due to an increase in incidents of equipment misuse, members are now responsible for replacement costs for blades & breakers if the saw-stop table saws are triggered as a result of misuse or carelessness. Estimated reimbursement costs are $100-$160.
  • Due to changes in equipment and/or procedures in the Woodshop, members are required to update their safety skills accordingly when notified by the Woodshop Supervisor or personnel.


Woodshop User Agreement