Life can be stressful...crafting helps melt it away.

Take a creative break!

Located in the Student Experience Center, the OSU Craft Center is a place for students to nurture their inner artist and nourish their soul as they connect their heart, mind and hands in creative pursuits.  Whether a beginner or more experienced, we offer many art & craft making options. Student have access to well-equipped studios, non-credit classes & workshops, open studio time, tech support, self-guided craft kits and special programing. Come make something with your own hands and join our creative community. 

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Spring Term  OPEN STUDIO USE for OSU students
Become a member & enjoy some creative time!
Spring  Hours: April 3 - June 10
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 12:30-9pM
Wednesdays 12:30-6pm      Saturdays  12:30-4PM
(Use SEC North Entrance after 8pm and Saturdays)
CLOSED- May 29th in observance of Memorial Day
June 12 -15, M-Th, 12: 30-3pm
No new work...Paper arts station will be open for creative play & de-stressing
A time to finish up projects & take personal items home
Renew membership & Locker or clear out contents
Classes and workshops open to: OSU Students,Faculty, Staff, & Adult Public 
For current Studio Hours where a staff member is present to lend a hand 
Find more info here:   Studio Use

Want to take some crafting on the go? Find more info here:   Craft Kits 

A new Membership Form will need to be filled out EACH TERM. 
Student incidental fee-paying OSU students
 START HERE: ⇒ Renew/Fill Out Spring Member Form
 Non-fee paying OSU Students can sign up for membership at the Craft Center Front Desk and pay for a Spring 2023 term membership to access our studios. 

Some studio areas require a  Studio Orientation to acclimate you to the space and how the studio functions. These are for students with some prior knowledge in a given medium and studio - otherwise we welcome you to sign up for a class or come in during one of our Tech Times. We also have links to DIY youtube videos for several studios under "studio use". A schedule of Orientations will be available from our Front Desk. Orientations are also available during our Tech Times. There is a link to the online ceramics orientation under "studio use".




We recently put out a call for yarn and oh boy did you respond!!!!!

Your help rejuvenated our crochet club with a vengeance. Students have so many choices now! In addition to learning for free during our crochet circle, they can come in any time and start a project. It can be so easy to forget that for students, $5 in supply costs can make the difference in whether or not they are able to try a new hobby. 

I work in a Craft Center, and taught art for years, but let me tell you: Gen Z is a crafty bunch! It makes my Gen X heart warm to see them in a group, crocheting, and chatting away. 

This year we also received a big donation of glass, which meant that students were able to learn stained glass without purchasing any! And stained glass is BIG right now. Without that donation, there is no way that the vast majority of our budding stained glass artists would have been able to learn. Thank you thank you thank you.

To our community of support, I just can't thank you enough. Please know what a difference you have made for students <3

Have something you may want to donate? Head over to our Donations Page!



Follow link for more Info on requirements  TO USE THE WOOD STUDIO