"To be human is to be creative"  Rene' Victor Valqui Vidal 

What We Do

The OSU Craft Center is your Student Campus Creative Resource. We are the place to nurture your inner artist and nourish your soul. 

The Craft Center offers well equipped studios and classes in the following areas: Ceramics, Glass, Woodworking, Fibers, Pen & Paper and Jewelry/Metals. Membership is open to OSU students. Membership is FREE to incidental fee paying students and fee based for other OSU students (see our Front Desk staff for more information). All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. Classes are taught by skilled artisans, with an emphasis on quality small group instruction and individual attention. Come learn, explore and create in a warm and friendly environment!

Student groups, clubs, and orgs. and departments can partner with us to leverage our expertise and technical support to enhance programming that aligns with our shared goals. 

Our Mission & Vision

To support and promote a creative outlet of expression and an enriched experiential learning experience where students can foster their creativity and skill sets.

The Craft Center provides opportunities for OSU Students to engage their hearts and minds in the pursuit of self-discovery and self-expression.

We provide pathways for student leaders to discover what is important to them, as they build upon their skills and confidence through meaningful service to others.

 We are committed to having the OSU Craft Center be a welcoming, inclusive and equitable creative resource for all OSU Students.

With well-equipped studios and an extensive series of workshops and classes in the handcrafted/visual arts, the Craft Center complements and augments the educational opportunities available at Oregon State University.


  • Experiential Learning: We create enriching hands-on learning opportunities
  • Wellness: We provide an environment and activities that foster the well-being of students
  • Leadership: We create opportunities for students to learn, lead and teach others
  • Community: We provide an engaging, welcoming and inclusive environment where creative thinkers can find community.
  • Collaboration: We design programming specifically to meet the needs of a diverse campus; whether championing social causes, celebrating cultural diversity, building community and a climate of acceptance, valuing community service and giving back. 

Student Experiences & Engagement

The OSU Craft Center  is a department within Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE).

SEE challenges students to lead with care, align to their purpose and build leadership skills. As a dynamic campus organization, staff co-create opportunities for students to integrate the knowledge, skills and wisdom gained inside and outside of the classroom in order to transform themselves and their communities.  

SEE is comprised of the following departments: Community Engagement & Leadership, the Craft CenterDiversity & Cultural Engagement and Experiential Learning & Activities. These departments provide a broad range of programming that contributes to student development, including cultural nights, community service activities, leadership and student media opportunities.


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