Who We Are and What We Stand For

Within each thing you’re creating, no matter how you feel like you’re failing within that particular exercise or that particular framework of what you’re working on…there’s something in there that’s opening something up in you. – Carlos Murillo

What We Do

  • We provide a welcoming space for all students.
  • We bring students together in shared crafty interests.
  • We measurably lower student stress by providing accessible and engaging hands-on activities.
  • We engage students by having studios with specialized equipment, and guidance to use it.
  • We provide employment that mentors students to be confident, have a deeper sense of self, and become part of a community that holds each other up.
  • We work with student groups, organizations, and departments to bring students together in community and shared goals, with a focus on groups historically marginalized in the arts and crafts communities (BIPOC).

Our hopes for students

  • We want students to craft things with their own hands.
  • We know that in the making students will: connect, express, explore, convey, process, imagine, focus, de-stress, and much more. 
  • Our goal is to promote student well-being by providing both engaging activities and ways to connect with each other.
  • For our student staff  we create opportunities to develop their leadership and teaching skills in a nurturing environment.    

Student Experiences & Engagement

The OSU Craft Center  is a department within Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE).

SEE challenges students to lead with care, align to their purpose and build leadership skills. As a dynamic campus organization, staff co-create opportunities for students to integrate the knowledge, skills and wisdom gained inside and outside of the classroom in order to transform themselves and their communities.  

SEE is comprised of the following departments: Community Engagement & Leadership, the Craft Center, Diversity & Cultural Engagement and Experiential Learning & Activities. These departments provide a broad range of programming that contributes to student development, including cultural nights, community service activities, leadership and student media opportunities.


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