Current Class Catalog


We will offer a variety of small group (4-12 participants) classes and workshops taught by skilled artisans in the following areas: Ceramics, Glass, Fiber Arts, Printmaking/Screenprinting, Jewelry and Woodworking. Lots of individual attention, community atmosphere & fun!

These will be project oriented. Learn the basics & gain a good foundation in a particular studio area.

Spring class registration is now OPEN for OSU Students. 

*Sign ups are done in-person, at the front desk. Classes are fee based, payment required to reserve your space.

Starting Apr. 10th- Classes will open for Non-Student adult participants after completion of a Craft Center Account.

OSU student members can practice, grow and let their creativity flourish outside of class time taking advantage of OPEN STUDIO time. 


Ceramics Fiber Arts Glass Jewelry Paper Arts Photography Woodworking