Glass Studio Policies

  • A Glass Orientation is required for Glass studio use, it is valid through the end of the academic year with continuous membership. 
  • Members will clean up after themselves, this means; wiping work areas and the sink, carefully putting materials away, and returning any tools to the front desk.
  • Begin cleaning up BEFORE the Craft Center closes (start clean up by 15 minutes to closing to assure clean- up will be fully finished).
  • Do not handle others’ work.
  • Be respectful of others and their personal space.
  • Do not discuss inappropriate topics or use profanity while in the studio.
  • Be respectful of classes using the space, this means: clean & vacate scheduled class area 15 minutes prior to the class start time.
  • Only cut glass on designated surfaces, and clean shards promptly from my work space, placing in the Glass Only wastebaskets.
  • Recognizing that the vapors are harmful if inhaled, only solder in the designated workspaces, making sure that the fans are running.
  • Do not adjust the pressure on any gas tanks.
  • Dispose of all waste in the appropriate containers.
  • If members choose to bring their own eyewear for torchwork they are assuming all responsibility for its effectiveness.
  • The glass fusing kiln room is for staff only. If you need assistance, please ask the front desk staff or an instructor.
  • Use grinders only for glass, and follow all instructions for use carefully so as not to damage the bits.
  • Renew membership and locker before the end of each term or remove the locker contents, with the understanding that the lockers will be cleaned out over break.
  • Attend an orientation about the studio at the beginning of each term, or participate in a class.
  • Report any mechanical issues or trouble to the cc staff.


Glass User Agreement  Glass Torch Agreement