Ceramics Studio Policies

  • Mandatory attendance of an Orientation about the studio required or participate in a class. Orientations are good for one academic year, with continuous membership.
  • All clay used in the OSU Craft Center ceramics studio must be purchased from the OSU Craft Center (available at the front desk).
  • Members must clean up after themselves, this means: cleaning all tools, cleaning and putting the wheel back together, turning the wheel off after use, wiping work areas including the floor area if applicable, the sink and glaze area, and returning tools to the front desk.
  • Please begin cleaning up before the Craft Center closes. Start clean up 15 minutes prior to closing to assure my clean- up will be fully finished by closing.
  • Please do not handle others’ work.
  • Be respectful of others and their personal space, which includes not discussing inappropriate topics or use of profanity while in the studio.
  • Be respectful of ceramics classes using the space, this means:
    • Clean & Vacate scheduled class area 15 minutes prior to the class start time.
    • If classes are on the wheel, do not use this space.
    • Use of the hand building area during a wheel throwing class is allowed, but do not interrupt the instructor by using a wheel during their class.
  • No members allowed in the kiln room without a staff member.
  • Please make every effort to move work along and take it home in a timely manner, recognizing that space in limited.
  • Renewal of membership and locker before the end of each term or remove the locker contents, with the understanding that the lockers will be cleaned out over break and all clay discarded/ recycled.
  • Report any mechanical issues or trouble to the cc staff.
  • If a member wants to use the low fire glazes, please see the studio manager or techs for instructions on use before glazing.


Ceramics User Agreement